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How To Choose An SEO Company In Auckland

  Hiring an SEO company in Auckland can be a huge money saver, especially if you have a good website but do not know where to look. Search engine optimization is a complex process, and it requires someone who understands how it works, and also the knowledge to take it to the next level. If… Read More »


FAQs What’s the difference between the vehicle camping shower and the hot water system? The vehicle camping shower has a 3 meter heating coil and is designed to deliver shower temperature water directly from the unit. The hot water system has a 4.5 meter coil and will deliver much hotter water. These units can be… Read More »

Marine Units

Helton heat exchangers are suitable for marine applications with full copper construction for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Fresh water cooled Our hot water system is suitable for all marine applications when a recirculated system is employed for engine cooling. Engine coolant is usually cooled by sea water through a large heat exchanger or coolant… Read More »

Custom Builds / Mods

Custom Builds / Mods Customizing Helton heat exchangers offer a range of custom built heat exchangers for a wide range of applications. We build from scratch, as well as make modifications to our existing range. Change of coolant or freshwater fitting size $10 ea Elbows /screwed fittings $20 ea Custom units Helton can build to… Read More »

Helton Biofuel Heaters

Helton offer a range of compact heat exchangers for heating fuel oils (biofuel and svo) reducing viscosity for better running during the colder months. Bio fuel is a cheap and clean alternative to diesel but has it limitations in the cold. We manufacture three types of heat exchangers specifically for fuel oil use Our biofuel… Read More »

Helton Storage Units

Helton Storage Units Helton storage units are manufactured entirely from copper, with one piece heater lines and no internal joins. Storage units are designed to store a small quantity of water at engine temperature so hot water will always be available when you need it. These units are generally used in service vehicles for washing… Read More »

Camping Shower System

Helton Vehicle Camping Shower System The Helton camping shower units are designed to deliver water for a hot shower direct from your vehicle. No more cold showers or waiting for water to heat over the fire. Ideal for camping, fishing, traveling and the great outdoors. Helton heat exchangers are manufactured entirely of copper and have… Read More »

Camping Hot Water Unit

A compact and efficient vehicle hot water system Our hot water unit is designed to simulate a home hot water supply. The higher output temperature of this model makes it an asset on any camping trip if you need hot water for showers or washing up. The hot water unit features a dual heat exchanger… Read More »


Heat Exchanger Welcome to Helton Automotive and Marine Heat Exchangers The Helton vehicle camping hot water and camping shower systems are a compact, effective and reliable unit that delivers continuous “ONE PASS” hot water whenever and wherever you need it Easy fitting to any 4wd, car, boat, truck or bus. Suitable for camping, fishing and… Read More »