Camping Hot Water Unit

By | September 27, 2019

A compact and efficient vehicle hot water system
Our hot water unit is designed to simulate a home hot water supply. The higher output temperature of this model makes it an asset on any camping trip if you need hot water for showers or washing up.

The hot water unit features a dual heat exchanger made with a double wound single length of copper coil with no internal joins. This is the best camping hot water unit available for all hot water requirements away from home.

camping hot water

Hot water units are available as a bare unit supplied with mounting brackets. Coloured collars identify the hose connections. $285.00

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Or as a part of a complete installation kit with all components including the heat exchanger and mounting brackets, 12v AquaJet™ body mount pressure pump and shower rose, filter, freshwater and heater hoses, hose clamps, bumper bracket and barbs, temperature regulation valve. $449.00

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Like to customize your installation? Check out our custom mods page

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Heat Exchanger Specifications
Diameter : 76 mm (3″)

Length (including fittings) :

Shower unit : 235mm (9¼”)
Hot water unit : 235mm (9¼”)

Storage Units:
STA1 : 335mm (12¼”)
STA2 : 635mm (24¼”)

Material : 100% copper

Weight : Shower unit 2.3kg (5.07lb)

Hot water unit 2.8kg (6.17lb)
Fitting sizes : Engine 16 mm (5/8″)

: Freshwater 10mm (3/8″)
Test pressures : Engine coolant container 25 psi

: Fresh water heater line 100 psi

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