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What’s the difference between the vehicle camping shower and the hot water system?
The vehicle camping shower has a 3 meter heating coil and is designed to deliver shower temperature water directly from the unit. The hot water system has a 4.5 meter coil and will deliver much hotter water. These units can be turned down for showers.

Will fitting a heat exchanger affect my cabin heater?
No you cannot detect any difference in the output

Series or parallel fitting?
When the vehicle uses a valve to control the cabin heater, it its best to install the unit in parallel with the cabin heater. With the cabin heater turned off, all the water is available to the heat exchanger. This is the most efficient way of installing.

Many later model vehicles have a constant flow system and must be installed in series for the best results.

How do I use the 12 V pump/shower set?
If you want to use the 12v pump directly from your vehicle, cut the hose above the pump leaving enough length to reach the water source. Push the hose attached to the pump onto the cold (blue) barb and attach the remainder of the hose and shower rose to the hot (red) barb.

If you have a shower enclosure or wish to wash away from your vehicle, you can gravity feed fresh water from a drum or bucket on the bonnet through the heat exchanger into another container.

As the hot water units will produce scalding water when the valve is fully open, you will need to experiment a bit with the temperature regulation valve before showering.

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