Helton Biofuel Heaters

By | September 27, 2019

Helton offer a range of compact heat exchangers for heating fuel oils (biofuel and svo) reducing viscosity for better running during the colder months. Bio fuel is a cheap and clean alternative to diesel but has it limitations in the cold. We manufacture three types of heat exchangers specifically for fuel oil use
Our biofuel heater is a tried and tested unit, and is available in a 1 or 2 coil unit for either pre filter heating (single) or filter and pump (double unit). We have often been asked about heating biodiesel closer to the source or tank, as it is often the fuel line that’s the problem. We’ve come up with solutions to the problem.

Use your biofuel all year round

Single coil biofuel heater

Compact fuel heater, single coil flow through

$129.00 (buy now)

Twin coil biofuel heater

One coil for pre filter and one for pre pump

$169.00 (buy now)

Fuel line heater

A very compact heat exchanger designed to be mounted as close as possible to the fuel tank outlet. Based on a 50mm barrel with fuel line straight through and water at same end. Heating coil is the same as the biofuel heater – in a more compact package.

$129.00 (buy now)

Whether you’re using biofuel or svo, or just plain diesel in a cold climate, fit a Helton biofuel heater to your vehicle. All Helton units feature one piece heater lines with no internal joins.

Helton manufacture custom heat exchangers for a range of applications and uses.

Contact us with your heat exchanger requirements.

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