Camping Shower System 

Helton Vehicle Camping Shower System

The Helton camping shower units are designed to deliver water for a hot shower direct from your vehicle. No more cold showers or waiting for water to heat over the fire. Ideal for camping, fishing, traveling and the great outdoors.

Helton heat exchangers are manufactured entirely of copper and have a one piece heater line with no internal joins. Tube ends form the hose barbs so there are no fittings to screw in and no joins to leak. Easy installation to any water cooled engine.


Helton camping shower units are available as a bare unit supplied with mounting brackets 


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Or as part of a complete installation kit which contains the heat exchanger and mounting brackets, 12V AquaJetâ„¢ body mount pressure pump and shower rose, filter, fresh water and heater hoses, hose clamps, bumper bracket and barbs.


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