Marine Units

By | September 27, 2019

Helton heat exchangers are suitable for marine applications with full copper construction for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.

Fresh water cooled
Our hot water system is suitable for all marine applications when a recirculated system is employed for engine cooling. Engine coolant is usually cooled by sea water through a large heat exchanger or coolant pipes and returned to the engine in a manner similar to that in a vehicle. Fitting a hot water system will give continuous hot water for all on board needs or can be fitted to heat existing hot water systems or both

Direct sea water cooled
We manufacture a main line heat exchanger for sea water cooled vessels which can be used to heat water for shower or tap or used in a recirculated system to heat an existing storage tank/ hot water system. These units are not available through our store as they are made to order to suit your individual needs. We keep barrels and coils ready for assembly. Once we establish your port size requirements, we can assemble within a few days. Please contact us for further info on these units.

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