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Heat Exchanger
Welcome to Helton Automotive and Marine Heat Exchangers
The Helton vehicle camping hot water and camping shower systems are a compact, effective and reliable unit that delivers continuous “ONE PASS” hot water whenever and wherever you need it
Easy fitting to any 4wd, car, boat, truck or bus. Suitable for camping, fishing and travelling .

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Helton Heat Exchangers

41 Pine St
Miles Qld

(by appointment only)

Phone: 07 4627 2477

E mail: mail@helton.com.au

Australia’s largest specialist heat exchanger manufacturer with 9 production units. We are sure to have a camping hot water system to suit your requirements.

Orders delivered by Australia post

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Helton hot water unit

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The ultimate in on board hot water systems. This unit has a dual heating coil for maximum heat transfer and is the hottest on the market. Our hot water unit is an asset on any camping or fishing trip providing hot water for all your camp needs.

Helton vehicle shower

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The Helton shower units are designed to deliver water for a hot shower direct from your vehicle – no more cold showers when camping. Helton shower units are a one pass unit designed to supply water at shower temperature without the need to re-circulate the water

Biofuel products – Fuel Heaters

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Bio fuel is a cheap and clean alternative to diesel but has it limitations when cold. Fitting a Helton fuel heater to your fuel line will overcome all of the problems by heating your fuel oil. This reduces the viscosity and also stops oil thickening. The result is better running and no blocked filters.

Storage unit

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Storage units are designed to store a small quantity of water at engine temperature so hot water will always be available when you want it. Generally used in service vehicles for washing hands or to supply sinks in campers and motor-homes for washing up etc.

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